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Problem with water into Dishlex DX302 & it won't start from wash setting?

Hi all, we have a Dishlex DX302 that doesn't seem to want to pump water into the top inlet pipe now? We have pulled it apart and can't find any blockages. When we got it, after a good clean up it worked great but now it just doesn't seem to want to work properly. We also have a problem with it not wanting to start from the actual 'wash' setting now but will only start from the 'rinse' setting? We can't use most of the other settings like before either and it will only show up on the 65* temp setting showing all the lights displayed but will still only start from the rinse setting? PLEASE HELP US, my ill health depends on this working.......

January 2017
Firstly, it doesn't pump water in. It has an inlet valve which opens when power is supplied to it from the control board and allows water to flow in. So maybe you have a faulty inlet valve or the control board is not turning on the power to the valve. You need a multimeter and testing knowledge to find the fault. As for the other problems, have you tried pushing the reset button? If the dishwasher is so important then I suggest you call a service person to sort out the problems.

Lincoln Appliance NZ
January 2017


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