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depollution system faulty?

Our Citroen C4 Grand Picasso keeps coming up that the depollution system faulty and then we lose power. Can anyone help with this? It's diesel. tia

February 2017
I got that message on starting up,and the little warning symbol on the screen.
However the car runs fine,and the message disappeared almost immediately,although the warning symbol remained.
I added a bottle of Wynn's DPF cleaner to the tank,and,remembering a tip from my previous Vauxhall,disconnected the battery,to reset the ECU.
The warnings have disappeared,so fingers crossed!
My Citroen 07 C4 Picasso 1.6 hdi VTR,has onlt done 44000 miles,and goes well,so I don't think there's much wrong!

Doug Sinnott
March 2017
Its probably a blocked Exhaust Particulate Filter, but it needs to be hooked up to a diagnostic to confirm as the warning message could be caused by all number of things, including DPF sensor failure, turbo faults or on some cars even a fuel cap fault. An OBD Fault code reader may help - there are a number of free Android Apps (and probably other OS too) which can be used with an inexpensive ELM 327 Bluetooth transmitter. However, finding the cause of the problem normally means being able to look at live data from the engine, and that will probably require a paid App such as .

February 2017
Read this...

Good Luck...
February 2017


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