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Power steering issue Citroën Picasso C3 2011?

My friends 2011 Picasso c3 had the same issue with his power steering failing without warning. He was lucky to avoid a crash. I was googling the problem for him when I came across this Web page.
We thought it was worth a try so we got in touch with Bentleys, Warrington who he bought the car off but they said we had no chance of help from Citroën due to the car being over 10 years old and the lack of service history. The diagnostic test showed that the problem was this known issue that Citroën
were having with the Picasso C3. Bentleys said to try phoning Citroën customer service which I did. At first they refused to offer any help due to the reasons above but when my friend,who is 80, rang them personally and explained how the experience had affected him they said as a gesture of good will they would pay for the parts and he would have to pay for the labour and the diagnostic charge. He ended up paying just over £300 and Citroën paid around £290.
It is worth persevering with them and not giving up as this is a known issue to them which personally I think should have been a vehicle recall as when the problem occurs it is without warning and is extremely dangerous.

October 2021
I've got a citroen c3 54 reg with the sam problem. Citroen customer service tellme that as it's over 10 years old they can't do anything. Is this a fault tat occurs because of wear and tear or are citroen liable to repair this fault?

John chandler
October 2021
Well done

October 2021


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