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how do i fix my bt freelancer cordless hand sets both not working ?

my both bt freelancer cordless handsets are not working,other people can hear us but we cant hear others,thers is a cross mark (x) in phones screen I don't know how to remove this cross to make my phones working.

March 2017
Try this
Default to return to the standby You can reset your BT Freelance XB2500 back to the default settings. This will not delete your directory entries. Calls 1. Press the Left soft key to open the main menu. Vol. 2. Press Calls Vol. or Redial until the display shows reSeT and press OK. 3. Pin? is displayed, enter the PIN and press OK. Redial 4. cOnFirM? is displayed, press OK.
Or phone.Freephone 0800 218 2182* or visit

Bob UK
March 2017

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