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Bell & Howell projector?

Can someone help with a Bell & Howell Projector? I didn't receive a response to my question from earlier this week. Does anyone know how to repair the take up reel on a Bell & Howell super 8 LX20 projector? It doesn't spin. Your help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

May 2017
Thank you...this is the first time I've posted a question on anything like this so I wasn't sure if my initial post even went through. I appreciate your help. I have found 4 other projectors for sale of the same exact model that have the same exact problem. Must be something with them all as they have aged. I will watch this video now. Thank you for your help!

May 2017
The likely reason for no reply to your first question earlier in the week is one or both of these...

Nobody here knows anything about B&H projectors
You do not properly describe - other than saying the reel does not turn - the fault...

I have never owned or repaired a projector but have seen the mechanism on one or two. The take up reel can not be too fierce else (I guess) it runs the risk of pulling the film through too quickly so the drive to it needs to be quite gentle. There will be a friction arrangement - a wheel or a loose belt to drive the reel. Clearly your machine has lost this connection.

Your challenge is to examine the method of driving the reel and to determine yourself why it's not operating properly - nobody here can see inside your projector - only you.

This youtube video might help you...

You might search using a web browser for
Film Projector Repairs.

My guess is that a rubber component (belt or washer) has rotted.

Not all questions on here get answered...

Good Luck...
May 2017


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