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Toyota Yaris is making a noise as if something is loose underneath?

Recently I've started to hear a noise from my Toyota Yaris when I go over a bump. It sounds like something is loose, either the exhaust or something to do with a wheel. (I don't think the wheel is about to fall off, but something doesn't sound normal.)

Without a ramp, what can you suggest I can investigate?

June 2017
Any wheel in particular? (Find small bump and aim one wheel at a time at it.) That may help narrrow it down to one wheel (Shock absorber mount, anti roll bar, suspension mount) or one axle (anti roll bar, suspension mount) etc.

Some enthusiastic rocking of the car while parked may throw up some clues

You may also get some mileage by parking with two wheels one side on the kerb (HANDBRAKE!!) which may give you enough room for a furkle underneath. (Watch out if you ask someone to rock the car whilst yo are underneath)

Failing that, pop down to Kwikfit etc., and ask them to pop it on a ramp

June 2017
Could be a lot of things but would check for broken springs,worn a/roll bar links,loose wheel nuts,suspension bushes,steering joints,exhaust mounts,try and pinpoint what corner it sounds from,jack the motor up and have a look,good luck

June 2017

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