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Door panel?

Driver door panel removal on Peugeot Partner Combie electric window has dropped shut the door too hard believe balance arm dropped out channel.
Can't see any screws. Managed to hold window up by raise / lower arm, so motor working
Or estimated cost for garage job subject to no parts broken?
Many thanks (model 2002/3.)

Bopb. UK
August 2017
If you look back in cdc thanks phone line went off knocking out internet.

bob uk
August 2017
the plastic cover over the inner pull handle levers off and behind there are two torx 30 screws, two screws on door card at latch end and one on front face near the mirror, the door card then prises off releasing the poppers inside onto the door itself.

August 2017
Thanks Acp did all that only found Berlingo's and one Peugeot Partner which had screws down hinge side of door mine doesn't have any visible screws.
Checking out the forum.

bob uk
August 2017
30 seconds with Google search gives me this:

try searching for "Peugeot Partner Combi remove door card" or variations on that theme

August 2017


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