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How can I make my computer suspend properly?

I have installed SolusOS (3) on my laptop. This laptop has a second monitor plugged in via HDMI. When I close the lid of my laptop the computer does not go into Suspend, the computer remains on as if I'm using just the external monitor. I don't see any settings which I can use to tell the computer to Suspend when the laptop lid is closed. If I unplug the external monitor the computer will Suspend, so it is the dual-head monitor set up that is causing this. It is quite normal to want to Suspend when the laptop lid is closed even with a dual-head monitor setup. But I can't find the setting.

September 2017
I'd already tried that Solus forum.

There are no answers there.

September 2017
Try posting your question in a specialist SolusOS support forum:

September 2017

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