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How can I fix a leak to my washing machine seal?

I have an Asko 10605 Front Loading Washing Machine which is leaking at the door seal after an item of clothing was caught in the door and was wrench free during the spin cycle. Am unable to obtain a new seal. Any idea how the leak can be stopped?

January 2020
Thank you Rupert for your reply. I was considering the possibility that it might be as you've suggested; that actually it might not be damaged but had simply shifted.

February 2020
Is the seal actually damaged? If you can't see a tear or a hole it may be a case of setting it back into it's correct position as it may have just come away slightly from it's mounting points.
If it is damaged and you have been unable to find a replacement online, you could try removing the seal, clean and totally dry it and then repair the damage from the back face with a puncture repair kit for tyre inner tubes.

January 2020


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