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My Scantonic 9247/9889 simply stopped arming when code was entered?

We can't set our Scantronic alarm. We found the battery dead and one of the three internal fuses blown. We replaced the battery and fuse but the problem persists. Although light can be seen behind the keys on the keypad there are no lights showing on the right side of the keypad or on the main control box. Please help.

March 2020
Your system is notorious for defaulting to factory default following battery/fuse failure. Remove mains and battery power, ignoring any sounders making a noise, reapply power, battery first, then mains, enter code, default 1234. That should silence any sounders. Panel will then need to be reprogrammed using engineer mode.

Alan mckenzie
March 2020
I would suggest that you first try and trace the fault that caused the fuse to blow. Once this is identified a repair may need to be done before your system will function correctly.

March 2020

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