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Hoover Nextra frost free?

My fridge door was left open overnight. I have unplugged for a couple of hours and then switched on. It started up again and I left it overnight but on checking this morning the fridge seems to be cold but the freezer is the same temperature as the fridge and not freezing. Is there anything I can do to fix or do I need to buy a new one. Thank you for any assistance that can be provided

May 2020
I can't say for sure as I've no experience working on your exact model of freezer. If you left the door open, it is possible that there is a large block of ice surrounding the fins hidden behind one of the internal panels. I'd suggest switching off the power, leave all the doors open for 24 hours so that the possible ice blockage melts naturally. Mop up any water that you will find dripping out of the drainage hose which will probably exit into a little tray on top of the compressor motor. After 24 hours, power it back up and see if has sorted the problem. You could expediate the defrosting by leaving large bowls of boiling water on the shelves, keeping doors closed and replacing with fresh hot water every hour. This method will defrost your freezer totally in about 8 hours.

May 2020

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