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Mend Security Systems, Home Alarm Systems

Scantronic 9800 problem?

Hi, this morning I unset my alarm (28 years old) and as I am doing some electrical work in the kitchen, I needed to switch the house power sockets off at the control box. Immediately my Scantronic activated the internal alarm with code LB (low battery) but despite entering the code it would not cease ringing. Called an engineer who changed the battery in the alarm control box but then found the keypad 'died' ie no LCD or green power on light. There is 2 amber lights showing and although the number keys buzz when pressed, there is no LCD display. Any ideas whats happened. Thanks

June 2020
the age of the equipment may mean the NVM Me memory has been lost. Hence you mat not be able to switch the system off.
only god knows what the engineer has done to have no data.
best solution to upgrade trough an NSI or SSAIB installer. the equipment should be service at least once per year as a minimum.

Mr Springer {approved installer}
February 2021
what code did you use to reset the system?

June 2020

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