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What is wrong with my Valor Dream electric fire/convector?

My Valor Dream covector cuts out when heating up on higher setting ( setting 2). The lights of the fire stay on and the fan continues to work but blows out cold air. If you turn it off and then on again it will heat up again for 5-10 minutes and then you hear a click and the fan then blows out cold air again. There doesnt appear to be a thermostat on this model.
Appreciate any ideas

Colin Stanley
October 2020
Colin, Did you get it working? I’ve got the same fire and are having the same problem..

October 2020
Thank you for reply.
I have taken the front panel off and removed a small amount of dust from the fan and circuit board. I can see the top of the heating element and that looks clean.

October 2020
Safety overheat thermostat cutting out. Is the thing full of fluff?

October 2020


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