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We live in west sussex with choice of 2 transmitters S.E Brighton or S.W I.O.W. Rowridge A family friend moved flats was on S.W transmission, now on S.E ( move approx 3miles) The retirement flats aerial points to S.E. she want's to get back to SW trans missionhow can she receive SW transmissions how can this be achieved or is she stuck with S.E transmission aerial?

In advance of telling me its a repair forum I know and HAVE done searches.
many thanks for any replies

Bob UK
November 2020
She could put up an aerial of her own (Assuming she is permitted, has Line of Sight to the Tx, and can actually get one installed)

She could possibly have a Freesat dish put up and get either a set top box or a TV that would accept a DVB-S input as well as, or instead of, a DVB-T one (Again, assuming she is permitted, has Line of Sight to the Tx, and can actually get one installed).

If she has Internet and a suitable Smart TV or a laptop etc. she could use the various "on Demand " services (checking first what of the wanted broadcasting is available, if any).

Or she could simply get used to being in a new area.

November 2020


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