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Table saw not running and motor sparking?

Performance (B&Q second hand) 254mm table saw FMTC 10TC

Was working well, cutting bitumen encrusted bottom off parquet floor fingers. Then a change in the noise and the blade has less speed. I checked the motor and it is sparking almost constantly while blade is running. Unplugged, cleaned with a vacuum, re-checked, the problem persists but now with a smokey smell (no visible smoke). Power disconnected and now searching the internet for helpful advice. Could it be the motor needs replacing or a more thorough clean after disassembling?

Any ideas where i can find parts? I tried e-spares, B&Q online, and a general search with product no. on google but nothing has come up so far.

Thanks :)

May 2022
Motor is probably knackered. Solent tools (search for them) might be able to help but I doubt it. Pile em high and sell em cheap DIY Store own label stuff usually has minimal support.

May 2022


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