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How do I repair my Russell Hobbs toaster 9209-10?

My toaster takes about 8 or 9 attempts to stay down when I wan't to toast
January 2005
Had the same problems with my 9209, in both cases due to the poor quality of the spring activated switches at the back.

If the spring has come adift because one of the platic lugs has broken off, you can hold it in place with a small zip tie. Fixed mine like this a couple of years ago and its still working.

Recently the spring on the left hand switch broke. I made a new one from a suitable paperclip, using the old one as a pattern. It will last for a while until it bends out of shape. Will give me enough time to source a new toaster, I'm going to try a Buffalo compact - they are made for the catering industry so hopefully more robust and are about the same price.

June 2007
I had the same problem but of a different make.

I opened the thing and found the contacts were blackened. I used sandpaper (pref. emery paper) and all was well.

Manzoor Ahmed
January 2005
assuming there is power to the toaster and the ellements heat up it can be anything from the magnets that hold it down and it's associated circuitry to a broken spring. since I have been unable to source any spares for a 9209 I suspect the best idea is to bin it and buy another toaster (and yes i agree it is annoying especially if it is a spring that will cost RH less than a penny)

marc johnson
January 2005


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