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how do i operate my dishlex dishwasher?

I have recently brought a house that has a dishlex 100 dishwasher in it. i was wondering if anyone can tell me how to use it as this is the first time i have ever used one.
i can get it to work but the detergent block is still in the holder when the load is finished. i don't know if its broken or if i'm just doing something wrong.

Tracey Gordon
April 2007
I have recently bought a house & just like you had a dishlex 100 in it and found when we used the dishwasher the detergent block remained in the holder after use.
I found that the grey seal under the detergent holder door was upside down, smooth side of seal showing, so I removed seal with a screwdriver (without breaking the seal) and put it back with the ridge side facing out, ie turn seal upside down.

April 2008


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