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DVD stuck in TV?

We have a Mintek LCD television with DVD player. A recently watched DVD is stuck and we are unable to eject it. We are also unable to watch any other channels due to this. Any suggestions?

lurena martin
June 2007
Rebecca, Congratulations! I'm glad I was able to help you out.
Suggestion: Just use the TV unit only. Avoid using the internal DVD unit. Buy an external DVD unit and link it to your TV unit.
Any more q's you can find me at my firm Make sure you fill your email "Subject" field with my name so it won't go to the trash bin.

July 2008
These were great instructions William!! I was able to get my DVD out, no problem.

I have one more question though. Now what?

June 2008
My friend had the same problem.
She and her friends tried for two months but it was impossible
to physically pulled the stuck DVD out from the unit.
I was happened to be in the area and she asked me if I
can help her retrieved her movie DVD disc which was stuck inside the MinTek DTV-265-D.

GOOD NEWS! I was successful in getting the
stuck DVD disc out of the unit and back into her hands.

I have tried the solution what has been posted in this page but with no luck.

The following are the steps I did to fix the stuck DVD problem:

I. Requirements

a. Tools:
Phillips Screwdriver (magnetic head will be the best)
Tweezers - Only if you don't have a magnetic Phillips screwdriver

b. Surface:
Large flat padded table because you will need it to lay the TV - flat.

c. People:
I did it by myself but having an extra hands is a plus.

II. Instructions

1. Disconnect power cord, power switch button "off" position, unplug cables and video cables from the unit.

2. Place the TV unit flat on the surface - screen on the bottom - Back cover side facing up

3. Back Stand: Remove the TV bracket stand in the back by unscrewing the 8 screws.

4. Back Cover: Unsecured the back cover panel side of the unit - 9 screws (After unscrewing the screws you might need to use the tweezers to lift and remove the screws.)

5. Back Cover: Carefully lift (unlock) the back cover panel slightly away from the screen unit slowly because it is wired to the circuit board. In other words, you can't remove it completely which it is OK and it is not necessary. This back cover panel removal sounds easy but the cable coaxial connector blocks it and making it difficulty. Therefore, you will have to wiggle the cover until it is free and away from the coaxial connector
because you will need some clearance space to access the DVD unit.

6. DVD Unit: Unlock the DVD unit by unscrewing 4 (silver) screws.

7. Now you are set and ready to release your stuck DVD.
An extra hands will be nice to have but two hands is a requirements to do the next couple of steps.

8. DVD Unit:
On the front side, locate the two (black triangle-shape or arrow shape) slot holders.
They are in a locked position.
Using your fingers lift and hold both sloth holders in the up position.
(You might have to raise these holders (up and down) several times.)
As you are holding up these slot holders please perform the next step (#9).

9. Power:
Push power button on the unit switch "on"
Plug back the power cord into the unit AC inlet
Unit Ready Light: "red" standby light is on
Remote Control: Press the power/DVD button - st the remote to DVD
Unit Ready Light: "Green"

** Important: Step No. 8 and Step No. 9 must be done simultaneously **

10. VIOLA! The DVD disc will automatically slide out of slot from the DVD unit.

Good Luck. I hope I save you the trip and $$$ to the repair shop.

September 2007
DVD stuck and would not eject in DTV-265-D. Mintek website appears inactive. Can't find other contact. Tried what Judy said Mintek suggested. Three times and still not eject, previews played and then stopped. Still will not eject or play movie.

September 2007
I have the same problem, except that the channels aren't screwed...I called customer support and told me to try:

1. Hold down the eject button on the TV.
2. As you're holding it down, unplug the TV and wait for 15 secs. (while you're holding the button down still)
3. Plug it back in and set the remote to DVD and try to eject it again.

Well, this didn't work for me, but I hope it works for you! Looks like I'm gonna have to send this in for warranty repair =(

August 2007


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