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Is there any way I can check my CD Rewriter is working?

Every time I try to burn songs from my library, it starts with, Ready to burn, Converting, Converted, Burning ... [Read more]
Mend Computers, Desktop PCs

How can I fix a pc's dvd burner?

Hi, I have a pc with a dvd burner. The problem is that now it can burn a dvd but not a cd!!! I have searched t... [Read more]
Mend Computers, Desktop PCs

Problems with cd burner using XP?

Trying to burn cd with windows media player on XP but it keeps asking for burner to be connected,IMAPI cd-burn... [Read more]
Mend Computers, Notebooks/Laptop PCs

best software to burn cd's?

can someone tell me the best free software to burn cd's off music on my laptop (i'm only an amature) and wher... [Read more]
Mend Computers, Desktop PCs

cd burner still not recognised?

i tried to clean the lazer but the cd does nothing.i dont think the lazer would be the problem cause i can bur... [Read more]
Mend Computers, Desktop PCs

i have a cd/dvd burner that will only acknowledge dvd's?

i have got a Mashita sw-y5x1 cd/dvd burner that only reconises dvd's and won't burn cd's.i have never had any ... [Read more]
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Mpegs burning to disk?

Can I burn Mpegs on CD discs to DVD-RW discs using NERO,any help would be welcome,cheers.
Mend Computers, Desktop PCs

Help- CD/DVD not working?

I have a PHILIPS DVDR166OP1 DVD/CD ROM For some reason its stopped working, when i insert a cd (which has pic... [Read more]
Mend Computers, Computer Hardware

how to fix TSST CD/DVD+-R/RW DRIVE TS-L532?

The CD drive on my Dell Inspiron 1300, tsst cd/dvd+-r/rw drive, TS-L532, won't play or burn CD's or any softwa... [Read more]
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can i replace cd player citroen c5 2002?

is it possible to replace the factory fitted cd player?i have been told it may burn out the ECU unit
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