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how to troubleshoot bad gasoline problem?

I recently got bad fuel. Before taking a sample I got it tuned to rule out ignition. Then a sample was taken a... [Read more]
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Need to replace rear wheel on my Honda Mower?

I have a Honda HR 214 rear wheel drive mower and I need to replace the rear wheel on it. Do I have to buy the... [Read more]
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how to replace timing belt on a honda ht3813 lawn tractor?

i need to replace the timing belt on my honda riding mower can you tell me how to do it?
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Can I fix a bent blade drive shaft on mountfield/honda mower?

I accidently caught the blade of my mower on a drain cover, which stopped it dead. After restarting it, it vib... [Read more]
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Honda will not start after Control shifter Wire change??

Had the "shifter wire" changed on my Honda Accord SE. The car started fine even with the shifter wire corroded... [Read more]
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how can i get my honda to start?

my honda ticks over, but never jumps to life. the battery spark plugs, oils, etc have all been checked, bit it... [Read more]
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Honda Civic-How do I repair silver paint on my front bumper?

I have a Honda Civic and would like to investigate repairing the paint on my plastic front bumper. I was in a... [Read more]
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how can i polish out windscreen wiper marks?

does anyone know if it possible to polish out slight windscreen wiper marks on a 2001 honda accord
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how to find a cd from another car?

i have a 98 honda passport and my cd is not working I want to find another one from the same type of car. How ... [Read more]
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where are the fuses on a motorbike?

how do i find the fuses on a honda motorbike
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