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Pull cord pulls out and retracts but engine does not turn ov?

spear and jackson petrol grass strimmer only used twice then stored inside garage for 2 yrs now the pull cord... [Read more]
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Oil petroleum mix?

I have a JCB strimmer model no M25, serial no 05. Can you please tell me what oil to petrol mix to use.
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why does my petrol strimmer mcallister mgtp254 model ?

Why,does the machine cut out when taking choke off? Any help please it is a 2 stroke engine,only bought last y... [Read more]
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Qualcast Petrol Strimmer Model QG PT 3043?

My petrol strimmer is currently giving me problems that I believe is down to the carb needing repair or replac... [Read more]
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Petrol filler cap ?

Where can I buy filler cap for my strimmer,model number M25
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Air filter for champion strimmer?

Can anyone tell where to purchase a air filter for a champion petrol strimmer t's a m22 model the casing has c... [Read more]
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Homelite Mightylite petrol strimmer?

I need to start my Homelite Mightylite grass trimmer Model:HLT26CDNB. Serial No. 1009044122. No matter what I... [Read more]
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missfire when pulling trigger to cut ?

The petrol strimer is missfiring when throttling to use the machine to cut the grass or when using the hedge s... [Read more]
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new strimmer head needed?

bump feed nylon strimmer head for my golden star brush cutter. it is a rather old model (kfs4v) with a kawasak... [Read more]
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McCulloch petrol strimmer?

I have been given a petrol strimmer that needs some TLC. I know nothing about these and the only info I can g... [Read more]
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