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How to mend...Problem Heater Socket

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Fish smell?

I had the same problem and thank god I came across this post. My space heater had burned the electrical socket... [Read more]
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Baumatic BDW8 - Did not start after water leak, it was opened mid-program?

I am only posting to give my fix to above problem which will be useful to other people. Sometime people post t... [Read more]
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How to repair a Miele W460 WPS washing machine?

Miele washing machine repair – July 2014 W460 WPS 2001 Note – date of manufacture should be on top... [Read more]
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RCD Mystery! Shop sign problem?

I've had a complete rewire to my commercial premises and a new consumer unit fitted Dec 2012. I started tradi... [Read more]
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Dryer keeps tripping out mains beaker?

I have a Hotpoint TCM580 my problem is it keeps on tripping out the mains switch , I have tried plugging it i... [Read more]
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Problem with power in home?

What is happening? When I unplug and electric space heater from wall the power goes off in half of place. I ca... [Read more]
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radiator not turning on?

i purchased a oil filled heater from aldi 2 weeks ago. it worked fine until the red light of the main power bu... [Read more]
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how to repair Unidare Storage heater WMX781N?

Hi 3 days ago, kids left paper cover top of storage heater Unidare WMX718N whilst the heater is off but still... [Read more]
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How can I fix my Creda storage heater model 79167C?

The blow fuse melted on the thermostat this was replaced but now on economy 7 tarriff when the remaining heate... [Read more]
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Night storage heater not working properly?

About a week ago the night storage heater socket made a crackling noise, and since then the storage heater is ... [Read more]
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Hotpoint CTD85A F15 Fault not enough heat?

How can I fix this problem have checked heater elements and have approx 24 ohms across each of the 3 elements ... [Read more]

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