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Mend Video, Televisions

how can I fix my sharp linyatron 13E-m150?

When you first turn the tv on the picture remains up for 15seconnd or so. Then the sreen goes blank. Sound s... [Read more]
Mend Video, Televisions

My sharp TV VCR comb flashes tamper proof?!?

I have a small 13 inch Sharp TV VCR combo that started to flash this little red light on the front that reads ... [Read more]
Mend Audio, Minidisc Players

Player won't read disks?

When I insert a disk (any disk) into my Sharp minidisk player/recorder, I get a 'can't read' message and the t... [Read more]
Mend Video, Cassette Recorders

how do I record on the Sharp VC-H960 VCR?

All functions seem to be ok. But the VCR will not go into record mode by pressing record on the remote, or by ... [Read more]
Mend Cooling, Portable Air Conditioners

Can I re-charge my room air conditioner ?

My Sharp air conditioner model AF-1404MG is not blowing cold air like it use to can I recharge it myself ?
Mend Video, Cassette Recorders

I have Sharp VC-H960 4 head Hi Fi VCR how can I fix it?

Whay won't my VCR plan any video tapes?
Mend Kitchen Appliances, Microwaves

how to fix Microwave?

I have a Sharp Carousel R-408DW 1200 whatts microwave. I use it noe day a seconds later it began to spark on t... [Read more]
Mend Video, Televisions

Will it be economic to mend my TV?

My Sharp 66FW-53H TV has just gone bang - literally. While I was watching it there was a small crack/pop and ... [Read more]
Mend Video, Cassette Recorders

VHS Tape can not go in the recorder?

Dear Sir, I've got 2 Sharp VHS recorders both can not take VHS tape in recently,when I pushed the tape in it'... [Read more]
Mend Video, Televisions

Why doesn't my TV always switch picture shape 4:3/16:9?

I have a Sharp 76FW-53H 32" Colour TV. I receive my TV via a SKY receiver. When I switch between channels whic... [Read more]
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