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Electrolux 3 way caravan fridge is tripping the main fuse?

Electrolux 3 way caravan fridge is tripping the main fuse when turned on, i used the fridge in March of this year and can't understand why it's not working. Has ANYONE come across this problem before and know how to fix it?

May 2008
i have the same priblem in my hobby caravan..seemingly its very common in them...but ill try to change the element and hooe for the trips out on main power but not on battery...but it still wont i cant get it to fire up on the gas either....any tips would be greatful.

June 2014
did you guys have any luck sorting your problem ! mine was tripping ,but now found out its the element gone ! know where i can get one ?? as we only use electric at present want it fixed model 216 mustard front thks anyone if you can help

September 2010
mine did exactly the same replace the 230v element on the back of your fridge dead simple to do turn off electrics pull out for fridge disconnect the three wires off the fridges electric switch two browns and an earth pull out element from bottom of fridge and replace about £30 for the part off e-bay and that will cure the problem hope that helps

May 2009
I had the same fault, i simply replaced the 240 volt heater element, found at the rear bottom right of the fridge and it worked fine for three months.The fridge has now stopped working again and i now suspect the dial is at fault as i still have power to the fridge.I am running the fridge on gas until i decide what to do next. Good luck

May 2008


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