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Fitting a fridge into a camper?

I have a Electrolux REM212F fridge to fit in my camper.

As the installation instructions are dated 1984, is it still permissable to fit using internal ventilation as opposed to external ventilation?

I know the burner flue has to be vented outside irrespective of the ventilation method used. but internal ventilation will negate the need to cut big holes in the side of my van for the inlet and outlet grilles.


Dave Smith
January 2011
I think all the internal ventilation is, is to disburse heat and not flue burnt gasses as you say the external flue vent MUST be fitted.

I bought a c/van with a double internal vent the extra was added for better venting in hot weather so as long as the gas vent is fitted correctly you shouldn't have a problem. To be sure contact electrolux leasure equipment department and ask them.

January 2011

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