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How can I fix my Electrolux RM212F in Campervan?

Works fine on electric but on gas fridge ,Flame lights fine but when let knob out flame goes out

guy vw t3 camper
May 2010
Hi, Guy, Sounds like the thermacouple not working, simple test is, can you see that the tip is in the flame, & glowing red before you let the knob out, if it is, & flame go's out instantly, then it's most likely to be 'Kaput' (it's a safety device that shuts of the gas if the flame gets blown out) you can buy a new thermocouple from your locul caraven spares outlet.

July 2010
i had this problem and though it seems silly the reason for the gas not working was the van was not level i have read the instuction leaflet and the only referance to operating the gas is to make sure the van is levell hope you solve it les .

July 2010
sounds like a thermocouple problem, fridge will need removing and a new thermocoupler fitting. straight forwared job. the thermo coupler runs from the gas valve and the other end is positioned in the flame this detects when the gas is lit and sends a small electric charge to the gas valve this in turn holds the gas valve open when you remove your finger from the knob.if gas pipe is removed it should be checked for leaks on re-connection by a competent person

May 2010
I have the same problem with the fridge in my T25. I do know that the van has to be absolutely level for the fridge to work so try that first. Just checked out that a service is between £50 and £200 depending on whether they have to take the fridge out or not. Would like to try and do it myself and have heard that the pipes can get blocked ... anyone got any ideas?

Gav Bruce
May 2010


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