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matsui tv m32lw508 ?

the tv is flashing colours blue red and green what can i do

March 2010
when i press the power button on the tv to turn it on the screen lights up asif its about to come on but its its just stays black with no pic or sound

May 2015
To turn off the burn-in mode, please follow these instructions:
1. Press the "M" button on the remote to obtain the on-screen menu.
2. Press the numbers 4 7 2 5 in quick succession to enter service mode.
3. Highlight Option 1 using the Down arrow on your remote control.
4. Once highlighted, press the Right arrow to access Option 1.
5. Highlight Burn-in Mode using the Down arrow on your remote control.
6. Now press the Right arrow to turn off Burn-in mode.
7. When Burn-in mode is set to No, press OK on the remote control to exit the service mode.

love move
October 2012

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