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How can I retune my Matsui LM19W1 TV?

I have a Matsui LM19W1 TV which I am finding difficult to tune into any channel even with a set top box. When I press menu on the control I can only get the Function, Picture & sound options not the channel option which should allow me to tune it.

Soul Sister
February 2013
how can I get on to settings, it only shows functions. I have tuned it in before for new freeveiw channels, but it is not going there this time.

September 2019
maybe the problem is that u need to have the tv on a channel that is either a digital channel or analogue channel to tune it in. if the tv is is on av or hdmi or anything that doesn't need a tuning into it will not give the option to scan. change the channel to 1 or something and then try to scan it and the tuning menu will appear

February 2013

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