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how can i change the light bulb ?

How do i change the light bulb in our Hinari Microwave oven Model EMX731SSE.
all the info in the Instruction Manual says .
Consult your dealer.
Why,just for a bulb?

Ray Mallett
August 2010
Hi Patrick, you seem to know your microwave ovens inside-out(no pun intended!) are you saying that there is a type of capacitor/condenser in the circuit that stores high voltage? this sounds similar to vehicle ignition systems, but is easily discharged to earth to eliminate any danger of electric shock, which could be hours later.

August 2010
Hi, crabbiepattie's answer was a little blunt but accurate. Often simple things appear more complicated than common sense suggests. The reason for calling a service engineer is due to the lethal nature of the device. Here is my standard reply to everyone who asks me about how to deal with a microwave problem

Whatever happens please remember you are messing around in a piece of equipment that runs at 4000volts and due to the design of its circuitry under certain fault conditions it remains lethal months after having been disconnected from the mains supply. its not rocket science as they say, but it is not for the layman either. Contact me via if you need further help.

An intelligent person should heed the warning, your microwave will not kill me, but it may kill you. Having said all that, I agree, it is a nonsense to have to call an engineer to change a lamp. If it were my decision, lamps would not be fitted to microwave ovens. If you need a lamp you can't cook.
kindest regards

August 2010
that's correct.

August 2010


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