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i got banned for accidently missinterpreting the T&C on can?

can i unlock my banned account on the moderators are d...heads on that site, all i did was offer to get a trophy for people in exchange for a twenty dollar PSN card, i had no idea i was doing something wrong, so now i want to unlock my account whether that means i hack into administrator priviliges on that site or not, if any1 can help me in my vendetta i would be very greatful!

September 2011
Your options:
Contact the administrators and POLITELY explain your case, your point and situation.
Make a formal promise that you will strictly comply to the terms and contitions from now on.

Abandon your current acount and create a new one from scratch.

Anyway, make sure that you NEVER EVER repeate your mistake. Keep a printed copy of the T&C next to you and check it if you ever find yourself in a unsertain situation.

September 2011


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