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How do I replace the lower lid hinge on my Kenwood BM200 breadmaker?

I needed to make a repair to the lower hinge of my Kenwood BM200 breadmaker so the first thing that I did was to undo the two screws attaching it to the main body, CLATTER!!!!!!! There was a plate behind the body shell to which the hinge was screwed. The lid has come away beautifully but I now have a metal mounting plate rattling around inside the machine and I cannot work out how to get inside it to fix the problem. I suppose my question is really, how do I gain access to the inside of the machine?

I would really appreciate some help quickly on this one as my wife is just about to make me wear the breadmaker on my head!!!!!

Thanks in anticipation of your help.

Terry Bailey
September 2006
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Troy, The Breadmaker Guru
April 2007


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