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how can i fix an alba lcd32advd television?

My Television just stopped working. It is stuck in standby with the red light just flashing. It will not switch on.!

November 2012
My tv works fine but after a while the sound disappears but if I turn off for a few minutes it comes back

April 2014
the sound works for hours and then goes off I turn it off and on and it come back on for about 10 mins and then goes off

January 2014
Hey I'm really frustrated my built in DVD player only worked for 1 film it was a good in though ( uncle buck!)

Now 2 years on the message says check your anntenae no channels found.... I've tried reinstalling switching off and on plugging lead back in..... Nothing!!

I've been at home all day sick from work with no T.V. And I don't want to miss utopia tonight!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

February 2013
My 32" Alba LCD TV the picture comes on for a few seconds and then goes Blank,I only Have sound?

Robert McKee
November 2012


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