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Tuning Alba LCD19880hdf tv?

I have the remote control for this 19" model Alba TV but I can't seem to find out how to tune in the channels. Can anyone help, please.

October 2013
Source needs to be dtv then select M and re-tune that way.

September 2015
I found out how to do it myself. Instead of having "AUTO TUNE" in channels or similar like most T.V.'s in the section that says "INSTALL" for some reason, this has "APS" where it says "CHANNEL SORT". All you have to do is select "APS" and it automatically finds and tunes in the channels. Also I found somehow in the section where it says "SOURCE" it was on "TV". That was for the old analogue system, it has to be on "DTV" to show TV channels.

October 2013
Use the menu option

October 2013


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