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My Durabrand Model DU1901 TV has issues.?

I have a Hitachi Remote control. It does not work with my Durabrand Model DU1901 television. Why won't it work? What can I do in hopes that these to will work together?

March 2015
Is the Hitachi remote for something other than a TV? A video recorder or PVR, perhaps?

If so, is the Hitachi remote the kind that can operate (probably only basically) another make of TV?

If all that is true, then it will probably need telling what make and model of TV it is to operate.

May one courteously suggest you RTFM?

If you do not have a manual to read, you should be able to find one easily with a Google search.

If, of course, you are expecting a Hitachi TV remote to operate another make of TV, then you are then indeed, as the other commenter said, you are: " trying to get an elephant to mate with a giraffe."

March 2015


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