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Removing a fan on a NEFF oven?

I need to remove the fan on my NEFF oven in order to replace the element. Last time I gave up after using WD40 and just about every trick I could think of and called a NEFF engineer.
He produced a tiny bottle of some very powerful penetrating fluid - it was about the size of a small superglue bottle - I seem to recall it had a German name. I tried to get some at the time, but couldn't locate any.
Now that I am faced with the same problem once again, I'm trying to find the name of that penetrating fluid - anyone any idea what it would have been?

Andrew Lowe
April 2015
If you need to remove the fan to change the element you must have a double built under oven with a half moon shaped element where the fan blade covers the fixing screw? Never had a problem getting the fan blade off, firstly I take it you know it is a left hand thread so undoes the opposite rotation to ordinary nuts? Hold fan blade with pliers, undo nut clockwise, remove washer between nut and fan blade, hold shaft on flat with pliers or pipe grips, rotate fan blade on shaft till it spins freely (use wd40 if required) pull blade off shaft using 2 pairs of pliers one on each side of fan.Cheers

May 2015


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