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fault F9 KID60S18?

How can I fix F9 fault on my Kenwood dishwasher. Bought in Oct 18.

March 2020
I believe your machine is a fully integrated model, so this is not especially easy depending on your skill level. The most common fix for this issue is to pop off the kitchen plinth panel that probably runs in front of the dishwasher, undo the screws that fix it to the cabinets either side or worktop then pull the whole unit out. This may involve winding up the adjustable feet to assist in this process. Then once the dishwasher is pulled out, tip it backwards to pour out any water that mat have collected in the belly pan. Hopefully it goes without saying, you would have disconneted the power and water supply before doing this. At the same time, disconnect the waste pipe from the main drain pipe and check it is free from blockages and is not kinked. If possible, reconnect dishwasher whilst it is still out, run a basic program and see if the fault has cleared. When refitting, make sure hoses are not trapped or kinked when you push it back it in.
Before you perform the above procedure, and if you are lucky, you may find that simply pulling off the rotating spray bars and checking if those are blocked, clearing them out if they are and also checking the drain sump under the bottom filter is not blocked as this also may solve the problem.

March 2020
How long is the warrany?

March 2020


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