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How to mend...Fan Lights Cold

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Mend Heating, Home Heating Systems

e133 fault baxi combi duo tec 28hea?

another e133 bolier fault, ive no boiler light for the flame showing , tryed resetting, , lights work for the... [Read more]
Mend Kitchen Appliances, Electric Cookers

Electrolux EOB5630x built in oven not getting hot?

my oven just stopped getting hot worked fine 1 day but the next day just stayed cold. all the lights and fan c... [Read more]
Mend Kitchen Appliances, Freezers

what's wrong with my freezer fan?

I have a Hotpoint frost-free freezer (model FZA54T if that's important) that has stopped working properly. All... [Read more]
Mend Kitchen Appliances, Freezers

My LG GWB207FLQA side by side fridge freezer?

Please could you give me an idea of what is wrong with my fridge freezer, the compressor can be heard working ... [Read more]
Mend Heating, Home Heating Systems

Baxi 105e fault- barely any CH, HW little better. Ideas?

Unsure if this is 2 separate problems or just 1. Would love some help. My rads have been almost cold for 1... [Read more]
Mend Heating, Home Heating Systems

VUW GB242E no ignition?

The boiler goes through the lighting sequence on heating and water ,all lights on except burner then lock out ... [Read more]
Mend Heating, Home Heating Systems

What is the problem with the Britony FlexiFlue multi point water heater ?

The fan works, the gas lights but the water is barely warm and soon runs cold. The Temperature knob, after be... [Read more]
Mend Heating, Home Heating Systems

Ideal Elan 2 40F boiler?

Hi all, I have an approx 15 year old Ideal Elan 2 40F boiler which was in the house when we moved in. A few... [Read more]
Mend D.I.Y, Plumbing


fan starts and stops over and over again 1st two lights r on the circuit board but no ignition sequence occurs... [Read more]
Mend Heating, Home Heating Systems

Worcester 24i junior?

Worcester 24i Junior it would come on and off when it liked, it seemed to work better when it was cold,it then... [Read more]
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