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Oil filter?

what oil filter is on a ford cargo 0813
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Prime a cargo 1013 1987?

Hi Iv got a Ford cargo 1013 1987 (E reg) Iv just done a filter change on her an cleaned the glass bowl out (th... [Read more]
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where can order parts?

I am looking to order Back Lights, Wiper Blades and Fuel Filter for Ford Iveco Cargo Horsebox 0813 (1991) but ... [Read more]
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wont start?

have a ford cargo 0813 which has had fuel pump changed and re timed however it wont fire or start, it fires wh... [Read more]
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Starting problem?

Hi can any one help I've got an e reg ford cargo 813 horse box the problem ever time I get it stated if I leav... [Read more]
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Ford cargo 0813?

please advise if i can change the oil filter without tilting the cab on my horsebox, also wich side is it on. ... [Read more]
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Oil change?

Morning all, can i change the oil filter on my ford cargo horsebox without tilting the cab, is it on the offsi... [Read more]
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oil change ford cargo 0813?

I tried to change the engine oil and filter on my ford cargo 0813. On the sump there are two drain plugs. I tr... [Read more]
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Where can i find the air dryer filter on my Ford cargo 1313?

Hi, I have an Ford cargo 1313 1985. Since my last travel the air vaults don't fill, been having some serious ... [Read more]
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Ford cargo 811, how to clean pre-filter?

I was told that before to clean the pre-filter (glass bowl) of the fuel line I should run the engine for about... [Read more]
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Where can I get a ford cargo workshop manual?

Where can I get a ford iveco cargo 17e75 manual. I have a problem with the hand primer pump on top of diesel f... [Read more]
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problem starting my ford cargo 0811?

having a problem starting my ford cargo 0811. changed all filters and cleaned glass bowl filter too. she smok... [Read more]

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