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how do i replace drive clutch in jcb 3cx?

the clutch is not slipping it will not disengage to let the gears engage .could the clutch fork be worn .how d... [Read more]
Mend Power Tools, Drills

rotary hammer drill?

I have a jcb rotary hammer drill and it started to smell of burning from the motor I stopped and stripped and ... [Read more]
Mend Garden Tools, Grass Trimmers

JCB PLT25 Grass strimmer?

Where can I get replacement Bump-Feed head? Are there any independant brands that will fit?
Mend Garden Tools, Grass Trimmers

How do i change the spool on jcb strimmer?

I cant get the spool to undo on my jcb strimmer have tried all combinations of pushing and turning.
Mend Garden Tools, Grass Trimmers

JCB M25 petrol Strimmer desperately need a new petrol cap?

The cap on my strimmer is cracked and leaking need to locate a new cap can you help please.
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where is the transmission temperature sensor on a JCB 412s?

my 412s jcb shows high transmission temperature on morning start up with a cold trans . it,s full of jcb tran... [Read more]
Mend Garden Tools, Grass Trimmers

JCB m25 strimmer?

It has rounded of the bit inside the spool so no drive is it fixable, or can i buy a new spool, if so do you k... [Read more]
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Where can I get?

Where can I get an Owners booklet for a JCB Chain saw?
Mend Garden Tools, Chainsaws

JCB Petrol Chainsaw not cutting trees as good?

last week i cut 8 big trees down with my chainsaw with no problem, so today i was just going to cut the rest o... [Read more]
Mend Garden Tools, Lawn Mowers

smoke coming from mower?

when i start my jcb petrol mower there is a vast amount of smoke comes from the exhaust even though there appe... [Read more]
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