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Can someone please tell me if I can reduce the size of my e-mail picture t?

How can I reduce the e-mail photo from outlook express to 640 x480 pixels so that I can fit it into a frame in... [Read more]
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Outlook Express 6 email links?

How do I open an email link that's a part of an email message sent through Outlook Express? The response I ge... [Read more]
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outlook express?

i cannot open my e- mails i can receive & send but cannot open any idea's out there -thanks
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What does "can't find Language DLL" means.?

I cannot open my Microsoft Word and when I press on its icon the computer does nothing. It's the same thing wi... [Read more]
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How can I clear the email addresses Outlook suggests?

When I compose a new email, as I type in an email address, Outlook suggests email addresses which I have sent ... [Read more]
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How can I clear suggested email addresses in Outlook?

When I compose a new email in Outlook, it suggests/auto completes email addresses. Many of the email addresses... [Read more]
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How can I display the Day Name in my Outlook Calendar?

When looking at a day or days, each is shown by the date. I would like to add the Day Name to this so that you... [Read more]
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How do I configure Nokia 6230 to accept Bluetooth connections?

I sync my diary and contacts on my Nokia 6230 and Outlook 2003 on my PC. I use a Bluetooth connection to co... [Read more]
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i have windows xp with outlook express 6 my problem is i can recieve my emails but i cannot reply to anyone
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Why does Outlook 2003 keep using the "English US" dictionary?

I keep changing the default dictionary in Outlook 2003 to "English UK", but it keeps defaulting back to "Engli... [Read more]
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