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How can my computer not be able to connect to my All in one Lexmark 5400?

My Lexmark 5400 Series Printer,Scanner, Faxer does not install because it cannot connect via USB. I have turne... [Read more]
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my system usb ports are detecting the usb but not opening?

well recently i disconnected all the wires of my pc and then changed the position of my system and after conne... [Read more]
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how can I fix my USB ports?

All 4 USB ports on my laptop have stopped working. The devices ( printer, webcam, external hard drive, mouse) ... [Read more]
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my lexmark x5495 printer?

trying to install on new computer, unit with vista, get error message ,connection at usb not recognised. mous... [Read more]
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my lexmark 5470 multiprinter can't comunication with computer ?

my lexmark 5470 multiprinter can't comunication with computer with usb cable connected it doesn't see it when ... [Read more]
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Lexmark X1180 printer problems?

I have to restore my computer but couldnt find the disk so I downloaded from lexmark website. The printer work... [Read more]
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my pendrive is not detecting in my pc it showing that usb is not recognise when i connect printer to same usb ... [Read more]
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printer /software?

I have an X5470 llexmark printer ,with al lexmark 5400 series software . the software was working fine until ... [Read more]
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Wireless Printing?

Have go a canon MP460 printer & woiuld like to set it up to use wirelessly. I bought a bluetooth usb adaptor f... [Read more]
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How/Where can i get replacement parts for my lexmark?

How can I get replacement parts for my LExmark 4270 all in one printer/fax/scanner. I need the inverter and u... [Read more]
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